They say that pot can make you paranoid. Do you know what else can make you paranoid? When things move on their own when you’re NOT high! Sure, maybe it’s a killer strain of weed, or maybe it’s something otherworldly? Perhaps it’s something SOOOOO good that the people keep coming back for more? Even long after they’re dead!

Five Zero Trees is a Cannabis Dispensary located at 719 Main St, in Oregon City, Oregon, and it has an extra employee. The pot shop has been in the news for the paranormal happenings that had taken place inside the shop, especially when occurrences were caught on the security cameras.

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The GM of the business believes that the hauntings are from a previous employee of the building. At the turn of the century, the building was a pharmacy, so she feels that the ghost is of a pharmacist who likes rearranging things in the store.

In the security video (that, by law, cannot be tampered with), you see the tip jar slowly move and eventually fall over on the counter. You can also see footage of scissors and pens in a holder moving on their own. When I first saw the video, I thought maybe a big truck drove by and caused vibrations, but with the counter being a flat surface… that would have been a bunch of massive trucks! Check out the full news story courtesy of KGW 8 below.


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