I haven't had a magical gut punch since I finished chapter 28 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince. Spoiler alert for someone who hasn't read the 2005 release from J.K. Rowling, but the master wizard himself, Dumbledore, is killed. Sorry, I should have also thrown a spoiler alert for the 2009 movie of the same name. Well, if it's too late, I guess all I can do is "OBLVIATE"!

Now that you have forgotten the spoiler I just made, the point I was trying to make was how we lost a great friend in that story. Well, sadly, the Seattle bar that many in the wizarding world have grown to love has closed, causing many to suffer the same loss again.


In a message on their website, the magical bar known as The Splintered Wand announced they were closing immediately.

The Splintered Wand is Permanently Closed

It is with great sadness that the Splintered Wand will be closing its doors effective immediately. All reservations now and in the future have been canceled. We are deeply sorry for those who were unable to experience the magic with us, and are grateful for the support we've received over the year we've been open. Stay magical, Ballard - we will miss you.
– The Splintered Wand.com


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Praised as "The Favored pub for witches and wizards for over two centuries!" the Splintered Wand was a fantastic place to escape the mundane world. To let loose, let your imagination soar, all while having a great drink and bite to eat. Now, before someone gets angry at me for the comparison, The Splintered Wand was never a Harry Potter-themed bar, but as the popularity of the HP series grew, the bar welcomed all of the fans.


No matter the fandom, this place was great and welcoming. Enriched with costumes, lore, food, and drink, it was one of a kind. I know I, for one, will miss it and regret not making it there to experience the magic just one more time.



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