Man, the talent, creativity, and speed that some people have now days blows my mind! Not even 24 hours after Union Gap Police Department celebrated National Night Out at Loudon Park, comes a situation that is very scary, and thanks to a quick video taker with a sense of humor, very hilarious.

Union Gap Police Department was filmed trying to stop a white van inside of the Valley Mall parking lot next to the former Sears building. The video shows the van driving slowly (5 to 10 mph estimate) in circles trying to evade police. At one point an officer throws spike strips out. At first it appears that they don't work, completely missing the van, but later in the video you can see that tires are indeed flat.

At one point in the video, the man appears to give up, getting out of the van with his hands up, but then quickly runs and hops back into the van, just to make attempt to evade police once again in the parking lot.

Some may laugh at the Police Department for not being able to apprehend this guy faster, but when you think about the fact that safety to everyone involved is top priority, followed by preventing property damage, this makes sense. Not to mention, if you're doing this kind of thing in a parking lot, including giving up for a split second with your hands up, only to run away, I suspect you're not firing with all your brain cells (my opinion).

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While all this is happening, someone is filming the events, and it eventually gets edited together and uploaded onto TikTok by username "dozerbob". This video normally would be scary, but it is perfectly paired to the soundtrack of Bon Jovi's "Runaway". Check out the video below.


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