Getting to work on time for some can be a real hassle. Alarm doesn’t go off, you lose your keys, misplace your phone, the dog is not cooperating and decides to hide in the back corner of the bathroom instead of kenneling up like the good boy he’s supposed to be.

(Okay, that was my morning). But the last thing you need on your daily commute is to be caught unaware of road work or signal maintenance.

Signal Maintenance in Union Gap!

Be in the know before you go: there is planned maintenance work at the intersection of Ahtanum Road and Longfibre Road on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.

map of union Gap, Washington
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The signal work will begin at 8am and is expected to run through 5pm. All routes at the intersection will be affected (North, South, East, & West).

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According to the Public Service Announcement at UnionGapWa.Gov, it is unclear if flaggers will be out, or a temporary stop sign will be in place. Please, use caution when driving that route, or better yet, find an alternative route to your destination Tuesday morning.


Remember to obey signs in work zones to avoid any citations and more importantly, any possible injuries.

For more information, you can reach the City of Union Gap Public Works Department at 509-225-3524.

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