Yakima was featured in a YouTube channel all about the hood and the worst places to live. I have literally traveled around the world. Every place has its problems, but every place has it's beauty too. The key is looking beyond grime. I know, easier said than done. But it does bother me when an influencer or someone with an ego bigger than it should be, talks trash about a certain place.

Whether it's for views, or to keep their "edge cred" going. It doesn't make much sense. Whatever happened to helping raise one another up, and not rip each other down? For example, I wrote an article about a person on TikTok who was making jokes about random cities throughout the Pacific Northwest. I purposefully didn't link to that persons videos, because I didn't want to give them extra views and the attention they were aiming for.


You could say the same thing for this video, but the big difference is, the person taking the video, just lets the footage speak for itself, and the people leaving comments! The YouTube Channel that featured Yakima is called "HoodTime". A channel that seems to be dedicated to showing the "rougher" parts of cities. The video (uploaded in the middle of June 2023) is titled "Yakima Washington Worst Areas". It's a 28 minute long video, just driving around downtown Yakima. The video starts out at 3rd Ave and Nob Hill Blvd, and ends on Chestnut and 6th St.

Yes the video shows, people in our community that are homeless, down on their luck, and piles of garbage and run down houses. But it also shows, a lot of people working, going shopping, and doing their best. The beautiful thing with this video, is the comments. Most are very positive.

"This is not a hood area like most of your other videos it’s a normal working class neighborhood somewhere you could raise a family."
- @Chriss1152

Reesha Cosby via Instagram
Reesha Cosby via Instagram

"Looks like a nice place to move and raise a family ☺"
- @tallman614

"50 yrs ago I was in the marines and we did a mount out from camp Pendleton to some army base up there in Washington. I remember we drove off this base going out in the boonies and we went thru Yakima and people were waving to us... probably 1977, nice memory there for me."
- @maxblaser4939

Sure there are some negative comments, it wouldn't be the internet without trolls. But, I was quite surprised with the response. Yes, Yakima has its homeless, gang, crime, & drug problems. I can't think of a city in the U.S. that doesn't have its own issues. We also have a great, caring, and helpful community. If you don't think that, then you probably aren't one of the ones that are trying to improve it.

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