Something fun I like to do here at the radio station is use the Magic 8-Ball to predict stuff. The usual things like "Will my meeting with HR go well?" or "Will the soda machine eat my money today?" You know, important questions. I've also found it's quite fun to use it to bug the dark forces for sports help. I don't know anything about sports, so this way, I can have a leg-up on the competition by invoking the unknown for help with my predicting. The 2023, Million Dollar Bracket Challenge is no different!

How did I use the 8-Ball to pick? Well, I changed it up a little this year. The order that it was asked was the West, East, South, and then the Midwest. (Top to bottom, left to right). Each team that was listed first was asked: "Will ______ beat _____?" I did this 3 times and chose the best of the 3. Then for the next bracket down, I reversed the order.

Example: For the top left, "Will Alabama (1) beat Texas A&M CC (16)?" The Magic 8-Ball chose Alabama (1) as the victor! Then, I asked, "Will West Virginia (9) beat Maryland (8)?" The Dark lords chose Maryland (8) as its champion. How did I pick the tie breaker score? Easy, I'm immature. The 8-Ball's picks are below!

BBall Bracket picks made by a Magic 8-Ball

Remember, If you correctly predict 60 or more games, you win $10,000. If you correctly predict every game in the bracket, you win a million dollars! And one lucky local winner is guaranteed $500 to the Yakima Steak Company!! It's all part of the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge! But don't worry, the 8-Ball is an inanimate object, so it can't win anything.

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