I know it would have been funnier if "Poll" and "Pole" were spelled the same but meant different things, you know, homonyms like "Pat" and "pat" or "left" and "left" or "bark" and "bark" (I could keep going), but as I was getting into my car that was parked (park like in a parking lot, not park like where you take your dogs for a walk) I left the radio station looked to my left (see what I did there) and saw what was pictured above... so many questions came to mind!

parking lot / drive way with a weird yellow security pole and a shoe on it.

First, the obvious question... IS THERE A FOOT INSIDE IT? I did not check, but due to the lack of blood on the ground surrounding the pole, I'm going to assume no. But then again, it has been raining lately.

The second question that came to my mind was, if the person was raptured, where is the other shoe? Or socks, for that matter!

outside parking lot with a yellow safety pole and a black shoe on top of it.

The next thing to pop into my mind was how is the shoe staying on the pole. It clearly does not look centered on it, and that's when the answer came to me. The owner of the footwear MUST have stepped on something sticky, put his foot up to tie his shoe, when it became stuck. He then had an important decision, cut his leg off in a Yakima version of SAW, or untie his shoe and leave it. I'm almost positive, that is what happened.


UPDATE: I drove by that same location 4 hours later, the shoe is gone. Either the owner came back for it, or someone with only one leg just scored big time! If you have any idea of WHY it was there, and what the ultimate fate of this foot container is, Tap the App and please let us know.

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