I’ve been the victim of identity theft a few times. Luckily for me, no serious and long-lasting harm was done, but it still sucked nonetheless. Going through and checking on bank accounts, canceling and getting new cards, changing passwords, forgetting the new passwords, and going through all the verifications to get into your accounts. Don’t get me started on the pains and hassle when your social security number gets stolen. Luckily, there is a simple step to do that helps protect against identity theft more than you can ever know. When you’re finished with your important documents, SHRED THEM!

Sure, you can wear your hand out with several pairs of scissors or invest in your own paper shredder, but luckily Yakima County has an easier solution. Crime Stoppers of Yakima County is doing their semi-annual Shred & Meds Take Back Day! (More on the meds in a moment).

Shredded paper

Gather your shreds and get ready to have them safely disposed of this Saturday, April 22nd. The event will be at the Valley Mall parking lot (next to the old Bank of America Building). Between 9 am and 1 pm, you can bring up to three grocery bags or two banker boxes worth of documents for shredding. Space is limited, so if the truck fills up, then the shredding part of the event is done.


Regarding the Meds part of the Shreds & Meds Event, the Meds are any medicine/pharmaceuticals that may be expired or no longer needed. Please bring those to the event for proper and safe disposal. You never know when something like that can fall into the wrong hands and cause an accident. There is no limit to how many meds you can dispose of.



How Much Does It Cost To Participate In The Shred & Meds Event?

The event is free, although donations are welcomed. The donations received will help fund the Yakima County Crime Stoppers. Great sponsors make this even free! Sponsors like: CL Shred, The Valley Mall, Yakima Police Department, Leonard Rickey Investment Advisors, Gesa Credit Union, Pacific NW University of Health Sciences, DEA, and the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.

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For more information on the Shred & Meds Event, check out CrimeStoppersYakCo.org.

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