Now that it's mid-September and signs for a Spirit Halloween seem pretty bleak, you have to remember there were years and years before a Spirit Halloween store existed. Don't wait for Halloween to happen when we have other options for Halloween already existing right here in Yakima.

Firstly, namely, Goodwill.

John Riggs
John Riggs

Goodwill has always been, not just a Halloween headquarters, but a place for any themed party for several years. Hosting an '80s party or disco night, Goodwill is always top of mind for me. Better yet is in recent years they've really expanded their Halloween selection and would make a section of their store dedicated to just Halloween items. Hats, wigs, props and more, all new, not even used. Though, with Goodwill, you will get gently used items you can use to your advantage. They'll have racks of childrens costumes ready to go as well as clothing inspired by whatever the trend happens to be. This year seems to be a lot of focus on Barbie but they have traditional favorites like Dracula and members of the Addams Family.

Other places to check you may not think of are places like Walgreens and even Safeway that has a season section of items. Walmart, of course, has just about anything you could possibly need, too.

I haven't witnessed for myself, but I guess Lowes even has Halloween items.

And this time of year you can never count out craft stores like Michael's for anything as far as Halloween decor and patterns to craft your own amazing costumes to bring something unique to the party.

Spirit Halloween is a super-neat store and I still hope we get one this year, but just because there isn't a Spirit Halloween doesn't mean Halloween is canceled; especially in Yakima.

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