That's So Raven and Raven's Home star Anneliese van der Pol reacted to Orlando Brown's wild claim that he had a secret baby with Raven-Symone on TikTok recently.

In the video, the actress sits on the floor sipping a soda before lip-syncing to a sound that says "What the f--k are you talking about?" in reply to a comment about the alleged secret baby.

"How did you know!?!" she joked in the video's caption.

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The shocking rumor began when Brown gave an interview on Apr. 8 with Cam Capone News.

"You know, I have a baby with Raven, nobody knows that," Brown declared in the interview.

A clip from the interview promptly went viral on TikTok.

"Omina is a cool person, you guys know her as Raven-Symone. I got a baby, his name is Hunter, that's how you can describe that," Brown went on.

Throughout the interview, he erratically jumped from one subject to the next, causing viewers to express concern for his mental state.

The actor has publicly struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues for many years.

In 2020, he began his recovery journey after enrolling in a six-month treatment program and church in Texas.

In 2021, Brown was living sober and was married, with many fans on social media cheering him on.

However, in recent months, Brown has landed himself back in hot water again.

In Jan., the actor was kicked out of Los Angeles hotspot Tao after an outburst in which he called himself "Satan and Lucifer's son," per Page Six.

As for Van der Pol, the actress and Broadway star has gained over 500,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares behind-the-scenes stories about her time on Disney Channel, makes comedy videos, and occasionally stirs the pot.

Meanwhile, Raven has not commented on the rumors.

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