If you've ever been to Napa Valley, you are one lucky duck!

Filled with dozens of award-winning vineyards and plenty of music festivals to boot, the Napa Valley is a haven for the good life.

Coming to the stage at the latest music festival there includes three big names that I'm excited about. (I just might have to get a ticket and go to this show myself!)

Type in the words "Black Radio Experience Napa" in your browser's search bar and it will pull up the Napa Blue Note Jazz Festival.

This is a three-day event happening the last two days of August and the first of September.

The Blue Note Jazz Club (1030 Main St, Napa) is the venue where the event will be held.

Some event goers plan to stay at nearby hotels, including very swanky and decadent Meritage Resort & Spa.

While some media outlets are excited about the addition of John Legend, Andre 3000, and Jill Scott being added to the impressive lineup, I'm more excited about DJ Jazzy Jeff (drums, please!), Grammy and Emmy award-winning sensation Andra Day (shout out to our PNW fam, she's from Edmonds, Wash., native), and Ledisi!

Weekend passes for the Blue Note Jazz Festival are already on sale (starting at $499 per person) and you can also nab one of the exclusive weekend special events that include food & wine dinner pairings in a vineyard and brunches.

Can't make it to the festival in late August? There's another one coming up in June in New York City!

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