The American media can't get enough of BTS. (And can you blame them?)

From being at the center of segments on E! News to appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the phenomenal music group's star power continues to rise in the West. Now, James Corden wants another piece of the action.

The Late Late Show host and funnyman extended quite the invite to the South Korean septet late Tuesday evening (August 28).

"I want [BTS] to come on my show and perform 'Serendipity' so bad," he tweeted. "Maybe we could even sing it in a #CarpoolKaraoke?" (Granted, "Serendipity" is only performed by Jimin—not the whole group—but we'll give Corden a pass! Plus, we wouldn't mind seeing Jimin step into the spotlight for a moment with a solo performance of the emotional track.)

Just this morning, Corden followed up his invitation with another indication that he is, indeed, now a bona fide member of the ARMY: a screenshot of "Tear" off the boys' new repackaged album Love Yourself: Tear streaming on his phone.

Of course, if BTS does take Corden up on his offer, it wouldn't be their first time on the show: the group performed their hit single "DNA" on The Late Late Show back in November 2017. They also played a hilarious game called "Flinch."

They have not yet, however, participated in Carpool Karaoke, Corden's wildly popular segment which has welcomed megastars like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber into the passenger seat.

But if BTS does take on Carpool Karaoke—and we hope they do!—and perform again on Corden's show, which Love Yourself series track would you like to see them sing onstage? Vote, below!

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