Mama said knock you out!

Max and Emme’s hot mama Jennifer Lopez is normally a knockout, thanks to her killer bod and natural beauty, but she’s dressing down on the spring 2012 cover of V, which just so happens to be the mag’s sports issue. J. Lo is putting up her dukes, throwing left hooks, upper cuts and haymakers. She’s also wearing some serious trunks and grabs her fake junk in this masculine spread. But even when shedding those layers of fur, faux tanning lotion, lip gloss and lashes, J. Lo still looks hot.

The normally glamazon La Lopez doesn’t leave the supposed nip slips to the 2012 Oscars. There is a bit of bust showing here. She ultimately channels boxer Rocky Balboa. J. Lo leaves the glam squad and gowns at home in favor of boxing attire. She also takes inspiration from Hilary Swank’s Maggie Fitzgerald in ‘Million Dollar Baby.’

Lopez grabs her crotch in manly fashion. She’s certainly exuding toughness and, dare we say, a little testosterone. It’s J. Lo the Jock! Famed photog Mario Testino did a terrific job of capturing her Bronx-born essence with these snaps.

Summer boxing will make its Olympic debut this summer and who better to put a face to the sport than the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. We love seeing the Jenny From the Block side of her. Ring the bell, J. Lo’s ready to go 15 rounds. Did we just hear a little “Ding ding?”