Britney Spears did it. Mariah Carey did it. Now, Jessica Simpson is doing it. The “it” in question is stripping down and posing naked while heavily pregnant for the cover of a woman’s magazine. In addition to baring all on the cover of the April issue of ELLE, Simpson revealed that she is having a girl. Aww! Congrats, Jess.

The baby is Simpson’s first child. Dad is her fiancé, NFL’er Eric Johnson. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think she timed this announcement to steal the spotlight from her ex-husband and ‘Newlyweds’ co-star Nick Lachey, who earlier this week announced that he and his wife Vanessa Minnillo are expecting their first child in late summer. Obviously, that’s not the case, but the timing is ironic, no?

Simpson is bursting with child on the cover, holding her breasts and looking sultry as ever. There’s an alternate cover of Simpson draped in a crimson dress, but the naked one is intimate and special, showcasing her natural beauty.

The internal shots feature her cradling her full belly. There is also a breathtaking black and white image of the singer/actress/designer/branding mogul.

The sweetest shot is of Simpson arching her back, exposing a bare belly with Johnson planting a big kiss on his daughter in utero.

The star did express excitement about having a lil’ girl, but she also is in the grip of fear that she might not take after mom and be a mini-fashionista. “I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins,” Simpson says in the feature. “Eric is so athletic — we’re gonna have this athletic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping, ’cause all she’s gonna want is sports bras and Nikes!”

Simpson also said her body let her know she was el preggo before her doctor confirmed it. She revealed, “We were goin’ to have an all-day drinking binge. Gonna ride our bikes, hang out…do naughty things. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

Sometimes your internal clock and subconscious just knows.

The issue of ELLE feature the naked, hot mama lands March 20.

Jessica Simpson ELLE
Jessica Simpson ELLE

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