Tired of wearing all those clothes?

The Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park has got you covered, er, UN-covered!

Take a little road trip for this family-friendly nudist park in Sultan, Washington.

This recreational park and campground boasts that you can "enjoy the freedom of being nude in Paradise". Well, sign me up! (Not.)

I don't have anything against MYSELF walking around in the nude, it's looking at everybody else's sagging body parts and bushy-ness that would totally bug me out.

Is there a complimentary hot beverages including nudi-TEA? Or are there free cartons of Naked smoothies? Perhaps a makeup boutique kiosk where you can buy one of those Naked eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay?

There are some fun events coming up at the Lake Bronson Club, including a Middle Eastern potluck and the BARE It Arts Festival and a Karaoke/Open Mic night for the kids!

If you go, I'd love to hear about your experience--but don't show me any of your photo album pictures, please! Ha!

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