John Mayer has really turned his act around, and his latest "awww"-worthy deed might just be his kindest act yet.

Julie Fermin, 16, received the surprise of a lifetime recently while out shopping in New York City. The teenager, also an aspiring musician, was browsing the guitar selection at Rudy's Music in Manhattan when Mayer, one of her "two favorite singers," showed up with GF Katy Perry after his 'TODAY' show performance.

PEOPLE she started to get "super excited" when she spotted Mayer and Perry enter the store, and the superstar couple proceeded to chat it up with her and her friends. Mayer gladly posed with Julie and her buddies for a picture, and of course, she posted the pic on Twitter:

The singer-songwriter went on to discuss music with his young fan, and found out Fermin was an aspiring musician. Apparently, he casually asked what instrument she played, how long she'd been playing (she's been at it since 11, FYI) and which guitar she liked best in the store. Then John Mayer BOUGHT HER THAT GUITAR. Ya know, no big deal or anything.

The story not only touched Fermin, who told PEOPLE she couldn't even describe all the emotions she felt in that moment, but also the employees at Rudy's. One worker, Brad Tertola said, "I was so happy about it. I experienced first-hand the kind of sweet guy John is. He and Katy are just wonderful people."

We hope you enjoy your new guitar, Julie! And John, you just got tons of extra points in our book.

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