I love sushi! I'm not even sure love is a strong enough word. There's something about these bite-sized pieces of goodness that I can't get enough of.

Like many foods that aren't from the United States, sushi comes with tradition and manners on how to eat it. And, like most foods not from the United States, I only follow about half of those.

Anthony Bourdain recently listed his own sushi don'ts list. Here's my list of sushi don'ts.

  • Don't take a bite of it.

    Just pop the whole thing in your mouth.
  • Don't drown it in soy sauce

    Sushi "lore" says you shouldn't even dip the rice in soy sauce which will cause it to crumble. I don't mind that, but just a tap -- not a dredge.
  • Don't refrigerate the leftovers

    This may be surprising, but leftover sushi, as expensive as it is, shouldn't be kept in a fridge. The rice hardens and you lose the experience. Better order enough to eat it all or have friends over to help.
  • Don't Order too much 'White Fish'

    I'm not talking about any white fish, but if you see 'white fish' on the menu it's very, very delicious. Almost too good! The problem is it's very oily and acts as a natural laxative.
  • Don't order sea urchin

    I tried it once. It felt like there was another tongue in my mouth. Tasted good, but texture was 'blech'
  • Don't Order Sushi from a Grocery Store

    Actually, the one at Fred Meyer isn't bad for the price, but get sushi at a proper restaurant. If they have a sushi bar, sit there for the best experience.

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