As one of the stars of the runaway hit ‘The Hunger Games,’ Josh Hutcherson was on top of the world. Why even his hometown Cincinnati Reds asked the 19-year-old to throw out the first pitch before their game Saturday against the Miami Marlins.

Unfortunately for Hutcherson that experience took him down a peg, as his ceremonial toss could be generously descibed as “horrible.”

Hutcherson addressed his sad one-hopper during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.’ (As an added bonus, keep watching the video and hear David Spade tell a hilarious anecdote about his late buddy Chris Farley.)

“Jay, Jay, I’m an athlete,” Hutcherson insisted, in spite of the video evidence otherwise. “I’m a better athlete than that. I promise you!”

“You know something, I’m not an athlete and that really sucked,” Leno shot back.

As atrocious as Hutcherson’s first pitch effort was, it’s not even the worst in recent Cincinnati Reds’ history. That would belong to mayor Mark Mallory, who uncorked what many folks think is the worst first pitch ever in 2007. Check out the one video that might make Hutcherson feel better about himself below.

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