Last month, NCT 127's NCT #127 Cherry Bomb blew us all away — so much so that you voted for it as June's best comeback.

July is now coming to an end, and with this long hot summer month came dozens of K-Pop debuts — and, of course, some truly killer comebacks.

From the long-awaited return of Lee Hyori with her artsy Black, to the colorful explosion of the "Ko Ko Bop" crew EXO with The War, to the fruity burst of flavor from Red Velvet with their The Red Summer, there's been no shortage of excellence coming out of South Korea this summer.

Looking back we want to know: which comeback ultimately reigned supreme as the best and most memorable of them all? We've rounded up all of the comebacks that came to us in July.

Start voting now: the poll ends on August 15th at 12 PM EST.

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