Fresh and ready to sell this Yakima home features 4 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, multiple living room spaces perfect for wining, dining across 7,400 square feet according to!

Love a place with a view? Oooh, baby! What about balconies, a swimming pool, polished hardwood floors with floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful fireplaces for each living room, and gorgeous built-in bookcases?

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The french doors and molding give this place loads of character without going too gaudy. Then there's the wrap-around back patio. Gorgeous views overlooking the valley, all located at 5508 Marilane St, Yakima, WA 98908. Before it's too cool you could jump in the pool and enjoy the outdoor area with gorgeous wrapped vines around the pergola and a diving board. Plunge into negotiations and once secured. Invite me over for hamburgers on the patio, please!

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