Justin Bieber has been famously tight-lipped about the late May scuffle he had with a member of the paparazzi in Southern California which left him wanted for questioning. Until now.

The high-profile case has been sent to the local D.A.’s office, which will now decide whether or not to bring charges against the Biebs. He hasn’t apologized for the incident, which saw a photog seek medical attention, and that’s likely due to the fact that the pap was invading his privacy by shooting him and girlfriend Selena Gomez. The Biebs did, however, reference the incident while being interviewed by radio station Power 105.1 last week.

The Biebs said (quotes courtesy of Hollywood Life), “When they get aggressive, and they get all up in your face, they can be [invading your privacy]. But when they are keeping their distance, it’s part of [their job].

So on one hand, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer express irritation at having the snapper’s cameras all up in his face all of the time. And on the other, he acknowledged that they have a job to do.

Perhaps this passing comment might be viewed as a peace offering between the teen and the paps that follow him so relentlessly? Maybe it’ll cause the pap in this case to make nice? Either way, it’s a really mature approach to the issue. Kudos, Justin!

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