Justin Bieber is on a global advertising roll.

Hot off the Canadian pop star's much talked-about T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial, Bieber teams up with Japan's king of musical comedy Piko Taro—the gold mixed print-loving star behind 2016's smash viral hit "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen," or "PPAP"—on a TV spot for SoftBank, a mobile phone and telecommunications company based in Tokyo.

In a behind the scenes clip from the commercial, the Purpose singer—who in September 2016 admitted "PPAP" was his "favorite video on the internet" on Twitter—wears a traditional school uniform, flirts with Japanese schoolgirls, dabs down a hallway and joins the funny J-pop star in a classroom, where Taro literally schools Bieber on the delicate art of fusing fruit and stationary.

According to RocketNews24, the ad will promote SoftBank's "Super Student" campaign, which "provides discounted mobile phone plans for students under the ages of 18 and 25" in Japan.

Watch a preview of the clip, below:

And watch the original "PPAP":

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