Justin Bieber really does cut a striking figure in wax and we’re not the only ones who think so, as Madam Tussauds Wax Museum unveiled its third version of Justin Bieber in wax. The latest waxed edition of the Biebs lives in Las Vegas, with the two previous statues being housed in New York City and London. Bieber is global!

While the ‘Baby’ singer is inching towards his 18th birthday in March, he can remain forever a teen, thanks to his wax figures.

The Sin City Biebs has golden, swooped bangs that look near-perfect and as though they were transplanted from the real thing. He’s also rocking black leather trousers, a black tee and a gray vest — no sneakers or stage attire here. This looks like Bieber’s going casual and edgy, but not sloppy.

The figure is so lifelike that it might scare baby Bieber fans — we literally mean the girls whose ages are in the single digits and who love him obsessively. The littlest Beliebers might freak out at the wax figure, since they can often be creepy to kids who don’t quite “get” the concept of a wax statue.

However, we bet his girlfriend Selena Gomez might get the real thing and the wax imposter mixed up!