Calling all artists in Yakima. The Yakima Arts Commission is looking for artists who want to display art in downtown Yakima. The commission is hoping for applications for the 2023 Downtown Yakima Windows Alive! project.

Get your art ready and fill out an application deadlines approaching

The deadline for artists to submit an application is 5:00 pm on Friday, March 3. The commission says they want the show to be ready for Friday, April 7. A press release from the commission says Windows Alive! "enables talented artists and groups of artists to display their works and at the same time help invigorate empty downtown storefront windows. Artists residing in Yakima, Yakima County and elsewhere in Central Washington are invited to submit entries."

6 projects will be displayed downtown

Commission officials after a selection process they will show 6 projects for the 2023 display. Individual artists or groups who are chosen to show their work in the windows will be paid a $250 stipend. An application form and additional information concerning entry requirements are available at Questions about the project?

All types of art work are welcome, including paintings, drawings, fiber art, crafts, ceramics, photography, alternative materials and sculpture.

Windows Alive! displays are located on the north side of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd Street.

Windows Alive! was created in 2013 by the Yakima Arts Commission , which serves as an advisory board to the Yakima City Council. The project, now in its 10th year, is part of an ongoing effort to bring public art to downtown Yakima.


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