If memes are modern day masterpieces, then Ka5sh just might be this generation's greatest artist.

There's no better currency for cool these days than being on top of the latest memes. But those little bits of viral content have to start somewhere, and that's where Ka5sh comes into the picture. You've probably shared or laughed at his work without even knowing it. Unless of course you did know it was his because you're right on the pulse of the latest memes.

That last meme above is part of how Ka5sh has turned his skills at skewering pop culture into more than likes and faves. Brands have reached out to Ka5sh to give their latest promotions that extra little bit of viral love. In an interview with NBC, Ka5sh explained a bit about how he's been able to turn working from his phone into a full-fledged career.

The interview was done at an art show curated by Ka5sh that solely focused on meme culture, and centered in on African-American creators.

"Black people are the funniest in meme culture," Ka5sh explained. "We’re the ones that setting the standard for what everyone else is thinking is funny. When black people make a joke, it gets watered down, and goes into White Twitter like maybe three weeks later, and they don’t even know what the joke is."

I mean, he's not wrong, and that savageness is just part of what make Ka5sh one of the most in-demand viral marketers working right now.

Ka5sh has also got a bit of a music career (because who isn't a multi-talented creator these days?) that he's trying to get off the ground, though he's pushing mostly on his own. When the internet has been so kind to your other creative venues, why not turn to them again in the hopes they'll support your other creative avenues.

Ka5sh will continue to be one step ahead of the rest of us right up until the moment another artist surpasses his greatness. Until that day though, we'll always have the memes. And you can never take those away from us, except when they stop being relevant because the internet has moved on.

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