Kanye West met with TMZ founder Harvey Levin today (Oct. 1) for an interview that went only slightly better than the rapper's last visit, when he called slavery a "choice." This time around, Yeezy continued to defend Donald Trump and revealed he's trying to set up a meeting between the president and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I've been callin' Colin this morning, reachin' him, so I can bring Colin to the White House," West told Levin. "We can remove that 'sons of bitches' statement and we can be on the same page."

The rapper, producer and designer appears to be referring to Trump's infamous statement at a September 2017 rally in Alabama that NFL owners should fire players who exercise their first amendment right to protest police brutality during the national anthem. During the rant, Trump described any player who protests as a "son of a bitch."

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, and other NFL players who followed his example by kneeling or raising their fist during the pre-game playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner," have been a frequent target of the president's criticism since Kaepernick first kneeled during the song in August 2016.

It's unclear what West hopes to accomplish by getting Trump and Kaepernick in the same room. Kaepernick hasn't publicly responded to the suggestion, but the meeting seems unlikely.

Elsewhere in his latest TMZ interview, West revealed that his next album, Yandhi, originally scheduled for release on Sept. 29, will now drop on Nov. 23. Kanye explained the delay by saying he wants to record in Africa.

Watch the portion about Kaepernick below.

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