Kelly Rowland seemed surprised to be caught in the middle of an anti-fur protest during a recent New Jersey book signing. (In fact, her face is very “Did they just ‘Say My Name’?”)

As captured by TMZ, Rowland was promoting her new parenting book Whoa, Baby! when the activists, unamused by the singer’s use of fur in her wardrobe, unraveled posters of tortured animals, reading “I don’t want to die. Say no to fur.”

Once Rowland realized the shift in the air, she stepped aside and watched the protesters state their slogans -- “Kelly Rowland has blood on her hands!” and “Fur trade, death trade!” -- to audience members. After a few moments, the former Destiny’s Child star became frustrated and asked for help in stopping the chants. She finally left the scene and retreated off-camera through a door in the bookstore.

Rowland may not be a fan of faux-fur, but other celebrities, Khloe Kardashian included, certainly support the style and movement.

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