Kian Lawley, a YouTuber who's garnered a following for singing, making jokes and participating in challenges like "Roommate Pain Challenge," has been fired from a forthcoming project after a video surfaced in which he rattled off a slew of racist epithets.

Lawley, who had been cast in FOX's The Hate U Give, has been officially dismissed from the project, Twentieth Century Fox Films told Variety. The company plans to recast the role and reshoot the scenes in question.

In a recently surfaced clip, Lawley fires off the N-word and says things like “We’re all black drinking purple Kool-aid and eating Kentucky fried motherf------ chicken" (the full video can be seen here).

Lawley later apologized in a statement offered to Variety, and said he understands why he faces the consequences he does.

“Words have power and can do damage. I own mine and I am sorry. I respect Fox’s decision to recast this role for ‘The Hate U Give’ as it is an important story, and it would not be appropriate for me to be involved considering the actions of my past," he said. "I understand the impact and I have grown and learned since then. From now on I plan to use my voice for positive change."

Still, fans were devastated, and demanded more contrition.

"i loved his videos and now i just find out he’s a racist problematic. not gonna lie my dude, that s--- hurted," one tweeted, while another noted "Kian Lawley can go f--- his own racist ass for using racial slurs as recently as FOUR MONTHS AGO, posting video of it online himself, and issuing such a bulls--- non-apology."

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