Currently, there are moratoriums (a temporary prohibition of an activity) on evictions until June 4th for no reason.

If you trash the place and are being a nuisance that is a different story but it's important to know your rights.

A lot of people, including myself live paycheck to paycheck and this has rocked us all. It can be a super scary place when figuring out if you have a legal issue or not. Don't panic. Let's take that power back and ask the questions. Quinn was kind enough take give us some legal advice and some basics during the current situation.

Yakima County Volunteer Attorney Services can be contacted Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm. The office staff is limited but they will be checking the answering machine so go ahead and leave your info. 509-453-4400

CLEAR - they can get an attorney involved, draft a letter or more

The less you owe when the dust settles the better off you will be so please don't ignore what's going on with your rent.

Skip to minute 4:13 there were some volume issues ;)


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