Lady Gaga suffered a major fall off the stage during her concert on Thursday (October 17) night. The 33-year-old was performing at Las Vegas' Park Theater at Park MGM as part of her Enigma residency.

During the concert, Gaga invited a male fan on stage. He went to hug her and the popstar wrapped her legs around him. The fan then appears to have tripped and fallen off the stage and landing on top of Gaga.

Audience-goers on social media reported that Gaga got back up and performed "A Million Reasons" with the fan sitting on her piano bench beside her. Other fans reported that she told the audience to not make the fan feel bad about his mistake. Another account on Twitter shared that a security guard helped the fan out of the crowd.

In true fashion, Gaga finished the show like the professional she is, taking only a moment to recover before getting back on the stage to finish the concert in its entirety. There is no word on whether Gaga or the fan sustained any injuries.

Watch clips of the fall, below!

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