Latto denies she is completing a diversion program as part of punishment for bringing a gun to the airport.

On Wednesday (March 22), TMZ reported Big Latto is currently avoiding jail time from her airport gun case by undergoing a year-long diversion program that requires her to "complete a gun safety course, perform 120 hours of community service and avoid all firearms." Latto is calling cap on the report.

"Idk who put out that false a*s information cause I’m not in no damn program," Latto tweeted. "Also the situation happened over a year ago & y’all never even knew until I mentioned it in the Boom pt 2 verse. Nun to 'brag' about. Leave me alone."

Latto initially brought the situation to everybody's attention on the new Mello Buckzz track "Boom Pt. 2" where she raps "I got locked up in the airport/Goddamn, forgot the gun."

Latto again addressed the line on Twitter on March 17 when a fan asked her to expound on it.  "We need more insight on that story," the fan questioned on Twitter.

"Went to LAX w a loaded glock 17 in my Birk," Latto plainly explained. "Got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! no cap in my rap TUH."

Latto didn't give any additional information on the incident.

The Atlanta rapper is currently working on the follow-up to her 777 album, which featured the Grammy-nominated track "Big Energy."

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