Keep calm, carry on—and listen to LAW.

The emerging Boston-bred, Nashville-based singer appeared nearly out of nowhere this year, dropping alt-pop gold (literally, "Gold") on SoundCloud. Today, she returns with her magical debut single, "Something in the Water."

"Maybe it's something in the water / Something in the air / Is it me or is it harder / Keeping touch of where we are?" the mysterious pop force sings in her smooth, smokey tone.

"You are in my head, you are f---ing with my brain / Can't you leave me in peace instead of leaving me in pieces?" she continues, over hypnotic, pulsing electro-pop production. Breathy vocal breaks and skittering beats give the shimmering track an undeniable, captivating allure—there's "Something in the Water," indeed.

"I wanted 'Something in the Water' to be a song women could listen to and relate to their own experiences," LAW. shares of the track. "Whether that's leaving an unhealthy relationship or recognizing their worth, it's a song about self empowerment and having the strength to put yourself first."

Listen below:

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