The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Advice department just issued some new updates for persons getting a prescription for eyeglasses. This new rule will impact residents here in Washington, too.

I, for one, am kind of glad they are updating the rules but I wish they had taken things a step further. You see, I got an eye exam a couple of years ago and lost my glasses.

When I went to get a new pair, exactly 2 days past the expiration of the previous prescription, I was told I couldn't replace those frames.

Wanna know why? Because they said my PRESCRIPTION EXPIRED!

Excuse me, but my eyes have not expired! Last time I rolled them, which was seconds ago, they're still here!

Make it make sense!


I don't like being forced to get a new eye exam every 2 years just to get a replacement pair of eyeglasses! 

UGH, don't get me started on my fury about this. Anyway...

What did you just say? That I'm supposed to be telling you about the new eyeglass prescription rules? Please forgive me! Let's proceed.

New Eyeglass RX Rules: What WA Residents Need to Know

New Eyeglass RX Rules: What WA Residents Need to Know

Going forward, anyone who gets an eye exam and is handed a new prescription for glasses must be told that they can choose to have their prescription emailed or printed out. That's the long story short version.

The short story long version is that the Ophthalmic Practice Rules (Eyeglass Rules for short) now require you to get your prescription given to you immediately, i.e. sooner, not later.

NOTE: You should never be charged for your eyeglass prescription; it is always FREE.99!

"The revised rule requires that in certain circumstances, prescribers must request a patient’s signature confirming they received their prescription, and prescribers must keep a record of that confirmation for at least three years." - Federal Trade Commission (FTC)



Because, my friend, some "ophthalmologists" (I get tongue-twisted trying to say that word so I'll just call them eye doctors for now) have been breaking the rules.

Besides being stingy with the eyeglasses prescriptions and not giving them to patients, some eye doctors were forcing their patients to buy eyeglasses in them in-house, thus preventing the patient from shopping elsewhere for cheaper frames.


Consumers have been complaining to the FTC, so the new rules are now being set in stone, so to speak.

To break it down even further, you (the consumer/patient) get to choose whether or not you want to take your eyeglass prescription elsewhere to get frames.

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