Have you ever cut yourself? Find yourself getting lost in the darkness, struggling to see the light? You are not alone and there are ways to take a deep breath. One such way is headed to Yakima for the first time at noon this Saturday (Nov. 17) at Tom Tom Bistro inside the soda fountain at 2105 Tieton Drive.

The first ever Lean on Me event! The first of MANY! ALL AGE EVENT (parental discretion is advised, recommended 13+ but all ages are welcome)

The average number of suicides a year in Central Washington.
1 in 25 attempts ends in suicide.

That is 750 attempts per year in Central Washington.

750 cries for help, 750 reasons to take their lives.

The number of people takes to listen to someone contemplating suicide.

Lean on Me is working hand in hand with many different individuals, businesses, and programs to bring you this event. We will discuss warning signs, prevention, resources that are available in the Yakima area.
We will also have the local artist COASTER at the event to speak about his story. He has spoken at many different schools to children. About similar topics.
We will be welcoming some of the First Responders from various agencies to discuss how suicide calls have impacted them.
As well as a mother of a young boy who took his own life. Please remember that this is subject to change as this is a very tough topic for anyone to discuss and she may be very overwhelmed and unable to speak in front of us.

Why? Why are we putting this event together?

Suicide has no age limit, it can effect anyone at any age. We want to create a strong support based group for anyone who is trying to reach out and need someone to listen. We also want to provide as much information we can about the available programs and resources for people who suffer from mental health issues. We want to stop the harsh judgment towards people speaking about their suicidal thoughts and be able to help them when they need it.

T-shirts will be ordered, you will have to pay for your own shirt but will be making a group order which should make things cheaper. Design of the shirt will be posted once it is finished. (Thank you Jer Fields)

Fliers will be available for print and hand out once the design is ready! (Thank you Rebecca Marie)

I found the event page on Facebook and local artist Coaster is going to be one of the speakers. If you know of someone who struggles with these pains -- or maybe it's you who is struggling -- it's OK. Invite a friend or come alone, but leave with more info and knowledge that you can and will overcome this. My thoughts and prayers are with you :)

CLICK HERE to see more about the event.

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