Are Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk solely longtime friends and acting partners — or something more?

The Internet is determined to prove the latter.

The two actors-slash-models, who co-starred in 2016's coming-of-age MBC sports drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Joo together, sparked dating rumors anew after Lee Sung Kyung uploaded a photo from a Coldplay concert, where the two were apparently spotted together in the audience by fans.

The photo featured a blurry man's pair of legs, and hardcore fans of the imaginary (?) couple quickly determined that these definitely must be the legs belonging to Nam Joo Hyuk. Almost immediately, Lee Sung Kyung removed the post — which only added more fuel to the fire online.

Back in January, Lee Sung Kyung discussed having guy friends in an interview: “For some reason, I’ve always just been more comfortable around guy friends. I can be a little more free and less careful with guys. Conversation is a lot more comfortable and there’s a back-and-forth quality that I think fits me better. On the flip side, since we’re such close friends, they don’t see me as a woman. I’ve had a lot of guy friends, but even in high school, I never had a real boyfriend.”

But are they...more than friends?

"If two guys or two girls did this, people would've just thought that they were hanging out. Immediately when it's a guy and a girl, they think they're dating. Maybe they're dating, or maybe not, but please, is it impossible for two people of different gender to just be seen as friends and nothing else?" one commenter reasoned.

Mostly, however, fans are just wildly panicking.

"Okay AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS THIS TO BE TRUE!!?? Like I just saw weightlifting fairy. Such a god damn cute couple!!! #confirmthisrelationship #please," exclaimed another.

More evidence? Lee Sung Kyung happened to be in attendance at Nam Joo Hyuk's fan event back in February — and got super embarrassed when he called her out in the audience. Watch the cute interaction below, and weigh in the would-be couple in the comments.

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