Walking through the grocery store the other day, something caught my eye. It was an apple I hadn't heard of before. I knew I had to try them.

These bright, small to medium sized yellow apples (some had hints of red on them) were titled Lemonade Apples. I was born and raised in Washington state and have seen my share of apple varieties. These appeared to be an import of New Zealand and have never heard of these. I grabbed a few.

To my surprise, not sure if it was all in my head or not, but they tasted like apples soaked in lemonade. I'm sure that's not the case but they had an almost citrus tart to them. Super crisp, super crunchy.

Though they may have originated in New Zealand, maybe they're available at some places here in Washington state. I'm hoping they're here to stay. They're great just by themselves but wonder what else you can do with them.

You can find more at LemonadeApples.com.

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