Give yourself ONE point for every thing you HAVE NOT done! Let's see what your score is!

Here's a shorter edition of the game:

TSM/Reesha On The Radio
TSM/Reesha On The Radio

Here's the longer edition of the game. This also makes a great checklist of things to do in Yakima!

  • Had a shaved ice at Downtown Summer Nights
  • Gone to the Sunnyside Lighted Parade in December
  • Been to A Case of the Blues & All That Jazz
  • Drank too much beer at Fresh Hop Fest
  • Played Beer Games with the Sea Gals at the Moxee Hop Fest
  • Had an ice cream from Ron's Tacos
  • Eaten an asparagus tamale from Los Hernandez Tamales
  • Been to the drive-thru at Miner's after midnight
  • Taken out-of-town guests to play the slots at Legends Casino Hotel
  • Taken a pic with mascot, Scott E. Pippin, at a Yakima Pippins game
  • Ordered a dozen donuts from Don's Donuts and Julie's Java
  • Eaten a Cheese Zombie with Tomato Soup
  • Snuck in candy at The Majestic movie theater
  • Rode the Gondola at the Central WA State Fair
  • Won a prize on the radio
  • High-fived the Bee mascot from Old Country Buffet
  • Caught a fish at the Yakima Kids' Fish-In
  • Ordered beer-battered fries from Major's
  • Been on the bumper boats at Yakima Family Fun Center
  • Gone to a Yakima First Friday
  • Gone to the Ellensburg Rodeo instead of the one in Yakima
  • Had lunch in the cafeteria at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital
  • Hiked the trail by Naches Heights Vineyard
  • Rented a limo for Spring Barrel Weekend
  • Gotten a ticket from the YPD
  • Fed bread to the ducks at Randall Park
  • Attended a Cruise The Ave event

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