It's bad enough for students in their senior year of high school or college to not get the proper send-off that they justifiably deserve -- even worse for those student-athletes who don't get to compete in what might be their last season of competitive sports.
However, senior year or not, tons of young men and women, as well as boys and girls, are getting a short thrift with the cancellation of school and organized sports for the foreseeable future.

That's why we would like to use this platform to help us spotlight the student-athlete, Little Leaguer, Grid Kid, etc. in your life.

Simple send us a picture of your child, grandkid, niece or nephew with their
*Brief description about them
Send it via email to: or use our mobile app to get it to us (in the menu, click on "Submit Photo/Video) and we will include your star in a photo gallery spotlighting all the local athletes in Central Washington.

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