A day after a shocking story was published containing Liam Neeson’s admission that decades ago he once spent “maybe a week” wandering the streets with a bludgeon hoping a (in his words) “‘black b—d’ would come out of a pub and have a go at” him so he “could kill him” as some kind of misplaced revenge for the rape of a loved one, Neeson emphatically told Good Morning America “I’m not a racist.”

So the Cold Pursuit press tour is going well, in other words.

Watch Neeson’s Good Morning America appearance here:

Neeson did make it clear this incident happened some 40 years ago, and that in light of it all he “did seek help” and went to see a priest.

I think he may want to seek additional help, this time from a trained professional publicist, who will surely advise him it is unwise to reveal such things on the record in a journalistic setting, particularly when promoting a movie about a man consumed with thoughts of violent revenge. Speaking of which, Cold Pursuit is in theaters Friday, should you want to wrestle with all this stuff while eating some Starbursts. Also: The movie’s a comedy! Wrap your head around that one.

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