It can be easy to forget that Liam Neeson, everyone’s favorite action dad, is actually 68 years old. (Technically, I think that makes him everyone’s favorite action grandfather.) Decades before he was cranking out thrillers every six months, Neeson was already making action films like Darkman. Then Schindler’s List came along and gave him a whole new career in more respectable fare. It wasn’t until 2008, and the first Taken, that Neeson fully re-embraced his genre side.

At 68, Neeson recognizes that his best days as a man of action will soon be behind him. In 2017, he even “retired” from action movies — for about two weeks, then went back to work. With his latest thriller, The Marksman, fresh in theaters, Neeson now tells People that he’s winding down his action career for real. He says he’s got “a couple in the pipeline” he’s making this year, and then that will be it.

After that, Neeson says he might try another late-career pivot, the same way he suddenly became a hot action commodity thanks to Taken. This one would see him poking fun at his own image as a tough guy by taking over the Naked Gun franchise of cop spoofs that were a huge hit in the 1990s. As Neeson put it:

I've been approached by Seth MacFarlane and Paramount Studios to maybe resurrect the Naked Gun films ... It'll either finish my career or bring it in another direction. I honestly don't know.

Neeson previously worked with MacFarlane on the Western spoof A Million Ways to Die in the West. He also did a great job in the supporting role of Bad Cop/Good Cop in The LEGO Movie. So he obviously has a great sense of humor, and has no problem looking a little silly. That would make him a pretty good Frank Drebin, the heroic, bumbling hero of The Naked Gun franchise, previously played by Leslie Nielsen.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a modern Naked Gun project. Way back in 2013, a Naked Gun remake was announced with The Hangover’s Ed Helms set to play Drebin. For whatever reason, that version never came together. Frankly, we’d be more into a Liam Neeson Naked Gun anyway.

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