Lil Baby and Lil Durk have collaborated on several tracks in the past and it looks like a meeting of the lyrical minds in the form of an album from the two rhymers is coming soon.

During a recent interview with MTV News on Monday (March 15), Baby revealed that himself and Durkio have been working diligently in the studio as they plan to offer some undeniable hits in the near future.

"Me and [Lil] Durk been locked in every night," the 4 Pockets Full CEO shared. "God damn, that's the new one. We coming. Me and [Lil] Durk dropping an album, fa sho."

And while the effort doesn't have a confirmed title just yet, the Atlanta rapper suggested a tentative name: The Voice of the Hero.

Lil Baby went on to expound on the origin of what the name of the forthcoming LP could be. "When it comes to that street shit, the streets is like, we the voices and the heroes of this shit," he said. "You know what I'm saying? Kids look at us like heroes. I know they look at me like one and [Lil] Durk, too. That nigga been holding it down for a minute."

As far as the sound of the album, it looks like there will be a little something for everyone—a mixture of melodic vibes and hard-hitting bars. "We gotta go both ways," the My Turn rhymer explained. "We got songs where we're just bars, we got songs know, the vibe. We got songs with other people that's just remakes of other songs. It's gon' be one of the craziest albums to ever come out."

Baby added that himself and the Chicago-bred artist already have more than one album worth of music completed.

The Grammy Award-nominated rapper also divulged that he still plans to drop his mixtape, Lamborghini Boys, which was first teased via Twitter in December of 2019. COVID-19 is what has caused a delay in the tape's arrival, so other music will be delivered first, but the mixtape is still coming nonetheless.

He told the interviewer, "I was gonna drop Lamborghini Boys, but then COVID[-19] had came and it kinda messed up ... I'ma drop something else before I drop Lamborghini Boys, but the idea about it and everybody got Lamb trucks and Lambs. I gotta make it happen for the culture. And I stood on my word. I already done said it, so it's coming, for sure."

And of course, this is Lil Baby, so superstar guest appearances should be expected. The ATL native named fellow hometown heroes Young Thug and Gunna, as well as the previously mentioned Voice of the Streets, Lil Durk, to appear on the tape.

Baby added, "It's a lot of people who got Lambos that hit me up like ... And I can see me ... It don't gotta be just me on the song with them, it could be one of my artists with them. It's just like, a Lamborghini tape. It's just gon' be everybody, but Lamborghinis, fa sho. We gon' have a video to every song. It's a real project and COVID[-19] kinda messed me up. I be having to fly in different people's space and get the songs. I don't wanna just send songs to people. I wanna lock in with different people and knock it out. So, stuff kinda starting back to open up. People moving back around and stuff, so it's definitely gon' happen."

In short, Lil Baby has been working and hasn't stopped. The Quality Control Music artist has a lot of new heat in the pipeline and is also coming off two Grammy nominations and a performance of his hit record, "The Bigger Picture," at the awards show.

Check out the interview below. Lil Baby speaks on his album with Lil Durk around the 5:15-mark and the conversation about his Lamborghini Boys tape is at the 4:08-mark.

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