Lizzo led a live meditation class for those who are feeling the anxiety and stress over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The "Truth Hurts" singer took to her Instagram account to perform a live meditation service on Friday (March 13). “There is the disease, and there is the fear of the disease,” Lizzo told her audience. “I think that fear can spread so much hatred; fear can spread so much negative energy, and fear can spread the disease even quicker than the disease can.”

During her meditation class, the singer had crystals covering her desk, spoke about fear, played the flute, had incense burning, recited a mantra and practiced breathing techniques.

She continued, “I wanted to let you guys know that we have power. You have power. You have power to eliminate fear.” The 31-year-old added, “The opposite of fear is love. So we’re gonna take all this fear and we’re gonna transmute it into love.”

During the live stream, Lizzo asked for action to be taken with new leadership to create a cure and get proper testing. "There’s a lot we need to do on that end, so we’re also going to take time to meditate toward that as well," she said.

Lizzo then spoke about the toll the self-quarantines can take on a person mentally with distancing ourselves from loved ones. “This pandemic that’s happening to us right now is encouraging that we do distance ourselves physically,” she nodded. “That we take precaution and that we don’t put ourselves in social spaces where we are susceptible to the virus. This distance that is being wedged between us physically, we cannot allow that to wedge us apart emotionally, spiritually, energetically. I feel you even if you have a cough. I feel you. I reach out to you. I love you.”

She wrapped up her session with words of wisdom. "Be healthy, be vigilant, but don’t be afraid. We’re in this together. We’ll get through this together. Because we always do. We’re not going to let fear become the next pandemic. Namaste," she concluded.

Lizzo's Houston Rodeo concert was set to take place on Friday (March 13), however, with the growing concern over the coronavirus, the Houston Rodeo was cancelled.

Watch Lizzo's meditation session, below.

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