I'm not sure if you heard the song, "Accidental Racist", but, and this is only MY opinion, it is an ACCIDENTAL HOT MESS. I read the lyrics so I didn't have to hear them. It's supposed to be about someone struggling with the history of his Southern roots pattern of blatant racism and violence. LL Cool J seems to infer that it's okay to forget about slavery if people don't judge him by his doo-rag and gold chains. Pssht! Please. Meanwhile, Brad Paisley wants people to accept that it's fine and dandy to be an accidental racist. That is bull poop.

I am from the South where people wear Confederate flags on their head, their clothes, and sometimes as a sticker on the back of their car. I find it very offensive because it is a symbol of slavery and murder against people whose skin is brown, in all its shades. In my point of view and experience, telling me to be okay with the "rebel flag" is like telling someone not to be offended by the Nazi flag.

When I see people with Confederate flags wearing them proudly, I am weary of them. I stay away from them, and will run across the street, clutching my pearls. But Brad Paisley & LL Cool J think that I should forget all about the heritage of the Confederate flag symbol and just, Cheerio, drink a beer and chit chat. Not going to happen! Nice try homies! I do not support the song and I think it's a genuine gesture to repair race relations, but does not truly address the issue of why racism still exists, whether you live in the South or right here in the Yakima Valley. As an African American woman who has experienced racism in ugly forms, I am giving you my two cents on this subject. I don't even look at people as "black" or "white" until it is thrown in my face. Perhaps if the lyrics were more intelligently presented with some offer of solution other than a "just look the other way when I roll through with my symbol of oppression and violence", then I may have a different response.

That is all.

Please let me know what you think. If you want to hear Brad trying to explain this to Ellen DeGeneres, there's the video below.

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