As the hip-hop community continues to send love and support tto Demi Lovato, in the wake of her drug overdose and hospitalization, Macklemore paid special tribute to the singer during a recent performance.

On Tuesday night (July 24), the Seattle rapper took a moment during his set to send his love and prayers to Demi from the Xfinity Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Macklemore chose to dedicate his 2009 effort “Otherside," which chronicles his own battles with addiction, to the singer who was recently hospitalized following an apparent overdose. "I do that song because if it wasn't for my sobriety and my recovery, I wouldn't be on this stage tonight," he said shortly after performing the record.

"And, I just want to send prayers and my thoughts and love out to Demi Lovato," he continued. "I heard about that and when we have this disease of addiction that ties us addicts together. And, that's my sister in recovery. I know what it's like to slip. I know what it's like to relapse."

Macklemore is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of drug abuse. At the age of 25, the "How To Play the Flute" artist checked himself into rehab to be treated for alcohol and opioid addiction. He has since spent the past 10 years sober and incorporating the importance of sobriety into his music.

Demi was reportedly found unconscious in her Hollywood home on Tuesday (July 24). Sources close to the singer have since revealed that she is "awake" and recovering in a local area hospital.

Take a look at Macklemore's message to Demi Lovato below.

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