Washington is the breeding ground for great businesses, ground-breaking art, and musicians. However, is it also a great location for attractive people? People would probably say no, but we know better, so we're putting together this list and letting you be the judge.

As we dive into this list we want to clarify we're going to be naming people who are a bit more famous than the everyday Washingtonian, so we'll dive into this and let you have the final word. This is The Top 5 Most Attractive People from Washington State.

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5.) Chris pratt

A breakout star from the show Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt was only supposed to be on the show for one season but after a response from viewers, they kept him for the entirety of the show. He's gone on to become an A-lister starring in Marvel movies and the latest films in the Jurassic Park franchise. It's easy to say this is one attractive guy that gets a whole lot of love around the world not only for his looks but acting skills.

4.) Jeffery Dean Morgan

Jefferey Dean Morgan worked for quite a while when he found a big role in Supernatural playing the father of Sam and Dean Winchester. Little did they know how much of a star he would become when he became Negan in The Walking Dead. There's a good amount of people absolutely in love with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the talks of "Hot Dad" is echoed around the internet. Funny enough he was not only Born in Seattle but raised there as well.

3.) Macklemore 

He found his fame with his song Thrift Shop which charted everywhere. Not only was Macklemore a rising artist but he was proud of his city. Macklemore spent his life in the Seattle area growing and perfecting his craft, he showed the effect Washington had on him in songs like "My Oh My" and "My Cities Filthy." It's no surprise to anyone that he was considered one of the most attractive guys to come from The Emerald City.

2.) Anna Ferris

Her break-out role was no doubt from the Scary Movie Franchise playing Sydney. She was seen as a top comedic actress and went on to star in more movies that made everyone aware of just how beautiful she was. She not only showed off her true acting chops but gained recognition as a top-tier actor.

1.) Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeny has become a breakout star due to her role in Euphoria on HBO Max and is said to steal the show with her breathtaking looks. Her character goes through a lot of soul-searching, troubles, and jealousy. She conveys every emotion on point and in a way that makes you truly feel for her. The show is cast with some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, so it was a surprise to see how much love Sydney Sweeny got and a shock to Washingtonians to learn she grew up in Spokane Washington.


Do you agree with the list or did we do someone dirty, let us know!



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