This dude decided to sled on a frozen lake. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds kind of fun if you ask me. The only problem was the weight of him on his sled caused him to break through the ice. When others come to his rescue, others started falling in as well.

The lady says, "That's, seriously, not even funny," which I kind of agree. I wouldn't like it if it happened to me. He flails in the icy waters as others come to his rescue and they, too, started breaking through the ice so more people were stuck in the icy waters.

They all got out and they're all doing fine, now. My only word of advice doesn't have to do with sledding on ice because these things will happen. My word of advice is if you're recording this and saying what people should do, like to get a branch, then put down the camera and get a branch and help a brother out.

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