Gold-medal coach [VIDEO]
Watching gymnastics has always been fun for me, especially during the Olympics. They make flipping around on bars seem completely effortless. Before you make it to the Olympics, though, you might not be as stable on the uneven bars.
Crashed Car Turns Upright – Rolls Into a Ditch [VIDEO]
Just when you might be thinking you're having the worst day ever, it pales in comparison to this guy. After the car crashed, a crane was used to turn it upright. Unfortunately, the breaks weren't on so the car then rolls right into a ditch. "You have to be kidding me...
Miley Cyrus Tattoo
In, what could be the oddest tattoo I've seen in a long time, I present this very anime-looking Miley Cyrus tattoo that someone just received on their flesh for the rest of their life.
Twerking Girl Ends on Fire
Finally! A twerking video I can tolerate! To spoil the video, this girl tries twerking up against the door when her friend walks in, knocking her over. She, then, falls through the table that happens to have a candle on it, catching her on fire.
Wedding Dress: Fail or Fab
We were talking about this wedding dress yesterday during The Maddhouse and posted it on our Facebook page. We wanted to know if you thought it was awesome or an epic fail. Here's what you said.

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