It only shows up once a year. Monday, May 25th, a day to remember.

For every single brave person who signed up to defend our country and passed away doing so, this day is for you. We wouldn't be enjoying much of anything if their sacrifices weren't made. It's a good reminder moving forward. Freedom comes with sacrifice.

This date also reminds us that summer has arrived. Normally there are tons of campers on the roads and big family bbq's going on. With the pandemic still rearing it's ugly head this Memorial might look slightly different but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate with those in your circle and zoom the rest in!

We are all currently sacrificing in different ways so that we still can enjoy our freedoms but this type of sacrifice can wear on people so I thought it would be a good reminder this Monday, to shake it off.

Whatever block or dark mood that has been hovering around you shake it off and start something for you.

It could be yoga, journaling, meditation, or a project around the house. Even looking at items from your favorite artist or writing daily handwritten notes to people. Something that is for you so you can create a daily habit. It doesn't have to be the same thing every day but choose a thing and maybe even some back-ups so you can set a good intention for receiving your messages for the day.

Did you know we all get nudges from the universe? Messages from our guides, our angels, the spirits of those that have passed who each of us really connected too.

We can remember those that we have lost on this day and every day. Speak to them, ask them questions, and be open because the signs are all around us.

Listen to the radio, the tv, and watch for birds and bugs and sounds and symbols. We are so busy in our everyday lives we don't slow down to take in the images provided to us and I bet you would be amazed once you slow yourself down and start receiving.

Stay connected to who you are or better yet use this time to find out who you really are.

Memorial Day Weekend

I currently am working on drinking at least one cup of tea in the morning, yoga to get my head right, enjoying work from some of my favorite artists and I also enjoy burning sage in the spaces I spend most of my time in.


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