Wow. This is without a doubt going to give you the chills.

Before game 6 of the New York Islanders and Boston Bruins series in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, a singer by the name of Nicole Raviv was singing the national anthem before she suddenly stopped.

Well, kind of.

Right from when she started the Star-Spangled Banner, the crowd at Nassau Coliseum was so loud that she just pulled the microphone down from her lips and led the crowd through the song. Raviv regularly performs the anthem before the New York Islanders games, but a few days ago there was a technical equipment problem. The crowd helped her out over the weekend during the glitch so she just pulled the mic away from her, and the 12,000 fans that were allowed to watch the playoff game picked up the slack.

The crowd was just so excited to sing THIS time around, last night, she just let them take over. They did not disappoint.

Let me tell you — instant chills.

The crowd got louder and louder.


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