Photo By D-Rez/ TSM
Photo By D-Rez/ TSM

2019 the first time whispers of a Downtown Mile began to appear. The inaugural race on June 8th was attended by people from all over the World, a German broke Washington States record and things were looking so promising for year two when Cobid-19 hit.

Fast forward to 2021 it's the 2nd Inaugural Downtown Yakima Mile Race taking place on the evening of Saturday, August 28th 2021. 6:00 pm to 8 pm.

The start is right around the YWCA building, the recipient of funds from this event, the finish line will wrap-up near Olive Garden and the Sports Center. There are plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat in the area and grabbing a spot along the race way could make for a fun evening for everyone

I spoke with owner of Hogback Development Chris Wadell who said the timing of this year's event is exciting for a few different reasons.

1) The Summer Olympics are this year and though he cannot name anyone in particular there have been talks with runners who could very well be competing for the gold!

2) There is a big race bringing in runners from all over the world the weekend before The Yakima Downtown Mile in Oregon, making it a quick trip up to Washington State to compete.

3) The YWCA is being highlighted. Chris wanted to make sure that everyone knows the YWCA has a hotline that can put you in touch with a domestic violence advocate 24/7.

YWCA hotline 509-248-7796 male or female call if you need to talk

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